What is MediYoga clinic?

MediYoga Clinic provides relief and cure from both acute and chronic pain, where the body returns to proper alignment, function and balance, thereby preventing future pain and malfunction.
It involves the use of scientifically proven restorative Yoga postures with or without props along with mindful breath work.

What does it offer?
  • Where conventional science falters, MediYoga comes in to gently and non-invasively provide complete pain relief and cure. The speciality of this clinic is the successful integration of western Medicine and evidence Yoga in treating patients.
  • Drugs are used only when necessary to provide quick temporary relief.
  • Some of the diseases that are treated at this clinic include but not limited to :
    1. Low back pain
    2. Disc prolapse
    3. Osteoarthritis
    4. Rheumatoid Arthritis
    5. Carpal Tunnel syndrome
    6. Spondylosis
    7. De Quervain’s Disease
    8. Sports injuries
    9. Frozen Shoulder
    10.Tennis elbow
    11.Calcaeneal spur
    12.Plantar fascitis
    14.Allergic Rhinitis
  • Surgery-advised patients are spared the trauma and after-effects of going under the knife and are provided long term relief and cure.
  • Online consultation is offered for patients residing outside Chennai.
Why MediYoga clinic?
  • Yoga asanas prescribed at our clinic are scientifically ratified and instituted under the care of a doctor.
  • A hands-on approach is taken for each and every patient with meticulous screening and monitoring.
  • Patient education is given its prime place and every patient is educated about their ailment. This leads to better awareness in the patient of their own ailments & its management & cure.
  • Emotional support & care is given to patients to enable them to confidently overcome their pain and choose the way to a pain-free life.